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Nieuw de onderwater verrekijker tot 150 voet afstand

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Nieuw de onderwater verrekijker tot 150 voet afstand

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October 31, 2013
SpotlightScan Sonar
Lowrance, a world-leading brand in marine electronics for fishing announced today the new SpotlightScan Sonar trolling-motor transducer.

Delivering a new level of surround-scanning underwater views, the new sonar solution provides picture-like images of key fishing areas on compatible HDS Gen2* or HDS Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotter displays.
Similar to the way a scanning spotlight reveals objects in the dark, SpotlightScan Sonar clearly pinpoints structure and fish targets ahead and around your boat without disturbing key areas before you fish them.
Offering the unique ability to identify productive areas prior to making the first cast, Lowrance SpotlightScan Sonar helps anglers save valuable time on the water and focus on the most productive fishing spots. The SpotlightScan Sonar trolling-motor transducer operates at a frequency of 455/800 kHz with a maximum surround-scanning range of 150 feet.
Designed to provide the best possible view both around and beneath your boat, the SpotlightScan Sonar transducer also features DownScan Imaging™ and Broadband Sounder™ technology. DownScan Imaging (455/800 kHz) offers easy to understand images of fish and structure, and award-winning Broadband Sounder (83/200 kHz) technology is ideal for marking fish arches and tracking lure action.
Leif Ottosson, CEO, Lowrance said: “The new Lowrance SpotlightScan Sonar transducer offers anglers a meaningful benefit that provides complete picture-like views in front of, around and beneath the boat.
“Affordably priced and easy to install, SpotlightScan Sonar helps anglers quickly pinpoint productive fishing areas of greatest interest, without wasting valuable fishing time while waiting for a full 360-degree scan.”
The SpotlightScan transducer is quickly installed by attaching it to any bow-mounted, cable-steer, foot-control trolling motor**. Twin scanning beams provide fast refresh rates, and beam indicators are visible on the HDS Gen2 display to guide adjustments for the best possible underwater image.
Protected by a standard warranty and the Lowrance Advantage Service program, SpotlightScan Sonar can be purchased for €499 from authorised Lowrance dealers and distributors from January 2014.
For more information on the Lowrance SpotlightScan Sonar, the entire Lowrance line of marine electronics, or to locate an authorised Lowrance dealer, please visit
*HDS Gen2 (non Touch) models require the SonarHub™ module for compatibility with the SpotlightScan Sonar transducer.
**SpotlightScan Sonar installation requires connectivity to a bow-mounted, cable-steer, foot-control trolling motor. Not for use with hand-steer or electric-steer electric trolling motors.
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